How to make grapes juice and how to use it

Basic Tools: Bartender smasher, Protein Milkshaker with filter or any other strainer and smasher

How to make grape juice?  Very easy.  Just squeeze the grapes in any valid way, for example with a bartender smasher, and with the help obtained make the appropriate mix.

I made a couple of mixes and got simple, effective and very tasty non-alcoholic cocktails.

  Grapes are available in all parts of the world.  Anyone can make these super tasty and healthy juices.

Below the recipes I created with red and dry Sanbitter, an Italian flavoured tonic water.

  Note that grape juice is very sugary and highly nutritious.  In the red version, richer in polyphenols, it is particularly suitable for stimulating circulation in the legs and diuresis.  In the white, more mineral version, for the general purification of the blood and the general purification of the senses.  It is aphrodisiac.

Soft drinks with grape juice

– Red Sanbitter with pomegranate syrup (“Deep Red“)

– 2/3 red Sanbitter and 1/3 red grape juice (“Grapes Memories”)

– 1/3 Red Sanbitter, cranberry/blackberry 1/3 pomegranate juice 1/3 (“Bitter Red”)

– 1/3 dry sanbitter, 1/3 pineapple, 1/3 grapefruit (“Exotic Breeze”)

– 1/3 elderberry Sanbitter, 1/3 blackberry juice, 1/3 pomegrenate juice (“Berry White”)

– 1/3 Elderberry Sanbitter, 1/3 apple juice, 1/3 pineapple (“Exotic Apple”)

Diuretic and stimulant juices

  – red grape juice and plum juice

Purifying and digestive juice

  – white grape juice (and possibly apple juice) with fresh grated ginger

About me:

My grandfather was a producer of the Italian wines Lambrusco and Moscato and I spent a few weeks of my childhood among the vineyards.  Grapes are an extraordinary fruit that has always attracted my interest. Why only wine and spirits?

So, among the many experiments, I also tried to make grape juice with bunches collected from abandoned vineyards. From grapes not suitable for the table and obviously also for wine. Great result!

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