No, no, no, there’s no limit, no valleys too deep, no mountains too high. We do what we want and we do it with pride” lyrics by 2 Unlimited.

What would you expect to find in a blog entitled “Away to Wellness”?

Why “away” or why “a way”?

Away because wellness is a journey that lasts all life, going away from a situation to embrace a new one.
A way because there is not only one way to reach wellness, but more than one and each shall find the right for his case.

Fashion, Sport and Nutrition are all immediate ways to wellness.

I am collecting here the experiences of an extraordinary period of my life started in 2016, where I could reach an unexpected balance of body and mind.

Native Italian, I love training and well eating. I also love doing things with music and blogging, as I am doing. I created a training method able to put in shape in 3 months and enhance mental abilities.

My additional passions and abilities are car driving, cooking, creating plays lists and a few graphics. I also like eyeglasses and perfumes.

Disclaimer: All images in this blog have been personally taken, digitally transformed by me or linked to the author.


A great body is winning in meetings, where words are as effective as muscles. Where thoughts are as agile as your body. In that case, you can become a real leader and the body way will be the successful way. 

Yoga/stretching/fitness/pilates is also for the recovery from many illnesses.

At the end of all this, starting from real zero may require to start from Yoga then EnhancedYoga (adding some weights), then deeper BodySculpting with functional circuits (with tools and weights). With these steps body is already fine and ready for many daily challenges. Next upgrade is for deeper love of body, wanting to become as an athlete or as a bodybuilder, for the pleasure of feeling “more” rather than “equal” or “less”. The pleasure of feeling one Self at maximum.


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