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was not enough.

I evolved further integrating the basic flows with new fitness tools.

BODYSCULPTING is the main project and EnhancedYoga was the first step.


TheBodyWay is an attitude towards problem solving and life, that starts from the principle that “the Body is the place where the Mind will always be living” in any place, with whatever religion. Someone calls it “the temple of the mind”.

I share a more pragmatic and mechanicist view, based on my personal experience after years of empirism and supportive studies. If we respect and empower our body, our mind will be enhanced by natural consequence.

Respecting our body means taking care of health issues and understand its limits. Empowering means overcome those limits and get stronger, more flexible or more resistant. Even more beautiful and appealing.

When our body is correctly empowered and connected to the mind, less words will be needed between us and our people. Relationships will change for a better way of living. We will complain less and find the solution faster. We will apply our energies more on what is useful than on what is requested by generic rules.

From Today to Tomorrow” is the time of the TheBodyWay. The Today is enough to collect everything from the past and go ahead. The Tomorrow is the most pragmatic way to plan life starting from today. Changing one single habit Today can make you change since Tomorrow. Then the future is already there. It is never too late to change a not useful habit.

TheBodyWay approach adapts to the changing of conditions and tries “to see the light, not the pain” (Lyrics by D.Dumont) in any situation. However, seeing the light does not allow to renounce to any brave or strong action. With an empowered body and enhanced mind, the pain will be turned into profitable action.

Never do anything for nothing”. We always need to find a reason or a way. Each action must have a goal. No matter if we do not succeed (it is all training), but the action itself shall not be random.

Finally, as a matter of fact, the Mind is the first limit we have. It is our fault to see a limit in height or in weight or in geography. Our body adapts to all weather conditions and developes strategies for survival without being consciously asked. We need to start observing and listening to our Body.

The Mind is the Conscious side. The unconscious can be awaken only through body. Even hypnosis is a technique based on voice for body control. Even prayers and mantra meditations are techniques to awake the Unconscious through sounds, voices, postures, words.

Strenght training flow is effective in awakening Body.

After 3 years from conception, TheBodyWay is confirmed to be my successfull method of reaching a higher level of wellness.

EnhancedYoga was focused on Restoration (selection of Vinyasa and Ashtanga) Yoga for quick recovery.

BodySculping kept the best of yoga for stretching and integrated into a functional circuit with different weights, importing know-how from bodybuilding.

The new integrated set of tools comprises:

1) weights to ankles and wrists (as before);

2) resistance elastics bends;

3) parallettes and pull-up bar;

4) jumping rope.

I left the stability ball and the legs circle to very soft workout of the first cycle, with similarities to pilates.

I will publish more articles.

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May 22, 2021

This is a typical functional circuit flow.

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