My cocktails and spirits desserts

A good cocktail for a good conversation

My cocktails are a series of Elegant and Exotic cocktails started in 2016 with “Amanda for Ladies and Gentlemen”. I also created a shortlist of ice creams yoghurt and coffee based enriched with some spirits.

Main ingredients of my cocktails are selected fruits, tonic waters and spirits. Each cocktails is conceived with a particular gin or drink, englighting the special taste and flavour.

As I create personalized workout for people and customized fashion items, I also pay attention to food nuances. This makes the real difference.

This kind of accuracy gives access to high living style. This kind of accuracy is self love. Only knowing, loving and living your accessories, you will be returned with unfinished symphony of pleasure.

Pleasure comes with knowing, living and loving.

Fruits of my series are: pomegrenate, blueberry, coconut and pineapple. I also give attention to grapes juice, apricots, peers. Lime.

Spirits of my series are: Hendricks Gin, Tanquerai Sevilla gin, Mare gin, Gunpowder gin, Amuerte gin. I also validated Tanquerai classic and Bulldog.

Then, among liqueurs Cointreau, Batida, Amaretto di Saronno.

Among whiskeys : Wild Turkey Bourbon and a good smoked one such as Talisker. I leave the door open to rum tasting, as I replaced in my drinks rum with Bourbon Whisky.

Among tonic waters, Gasco Indian Tonic, Ginger Beer Fever Tree and RedBull Mate smoky, plus Redbull sugar free.

I combined in duo or trio. In order to obtain one unique taste, but to be Able to distinguish all the flavors. Some garnish. Always cocktail Martini glass cup, save for shots.

The lines of taste go from neutral clean to warm velvet, passing through exotic and spicy.

A great recent creation is Brighty, the third element of the spritz series. Another one is Exotic Sevilla or RedBull exotic, as it is done with both. The name change upon the image you prefer to give to the cocktail bar, as RedBull is a Borderline product.

I am publishing my recipes on my new Instagram @chiara.Monroe and on other Facebook and Instagram profiles such as @whyle.time, BBtheblackblonde. My old Instagram BodyandSoul_fit will have some of them. TheBodyWay will also have something. As publishing is made upon the style of the profile. RedBull will be on the BodyWay. Hendricks will be on Whyle.time.

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