Testing food

Testing food is a long ant time wasting activity. You can not eat big quantities. Only small ones. And you need to have a clean mouth and mind.

My testing usually reach around 6 – 10 tests per time. I combine small quantities of around 4 different food each time.

I usually stop either when I feel full or when I terminated the products available. I usually keep on testing for around 2 hours each time, with pauses for cleaning, taking pictures and preparation.

Testing food requires to never eat to much and too complicated. The body must be always reactive. A tired body will perceive acidity stronger than it is and will not perceive fats as it should.

For these reasons, a food taster should be either someone who practices sport or someone who practices diets and some fasting. In both these ways, body stays awake.

The one who practices sport will have a different sensibility for alcohol, being able to perceive the effects much better, but absorbing it much more. He will also have a better experience on the energetic value of food, while the other one will focus mainly on taste and digestive aspects.

To be continued/ Post in progress

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