Cocktails science. How to Combine flavours

Mixology is a science. Each ingredient is very different and the best cocktail is the one that can combine the right elements to create one single taste.

In these days I am testing combinations with preworkouts, gin and fruits to create an energizing cocktail that can validly replace RedBull, which is too me, today, an old product.

I finally got some recipes. I bought two good preworkouts. One is cherry Flavoured by Optimum Nutrition (the first time I try it), the other one is watermelon by Blood and Guts (already the second time. The first I took Cola flavour, which was really smart). I would have taken also one by Scitec which is mango flavored and that I know already very well. In the past I used another preworkout by Scitec with bitter orange flavour. (My followers surely know that I am talking of Big Bang and Hot Blood, one great before and the other post workout. )

Good combinations come with Gins which are spicy flavoured.

As follows:

A white and classic bitter fresh gin, spiced like Amuerte White (Coca and pfeffer) or Gunpowder (green tea) or Mare (thyme and Rosemary), matches very well with white pompelmousse juice and watermelon preworkout.

The Rose and Cucumber scented gin, Hendricks, matches greatly with rose pompelmousse (less acid than white) and watermelon or pomegrenate . It also matches perfectly alone with cherry flavoured preworkout. It also matches perfectly alone with fresh pomegranate juice. Watermelon can be successfully mixed also with blueberry juice.

I am still trying combinations with Tanquerai Sevilla (orange flavor) that I find very interesting. I guess it could match with the mango preworkout that I don’t have at home, in this moment, added with Bolero ginger.

The power of a fresh fruit juice is incomparable. Some fruit juices are of high quality however. Esselunga, an Italian famous supermarket, has some good quality juices. NaturaSi, a bio Italian supermarket, has also good quality products with fruits. I suggest to make fresh juice where it is easy to press, for example with pomegranates and oranges and where the acidity makes the difference. Pompelmousse, for example, are much sweeter if naturally pressed. I suggest to buy where it is difficult, for example with peers, apricots, blueberry. Pomegrenate and Pineapple depend on you. Manual pressing or centrifugation machine allow a high quality cocktail.

In each case, to be really successful, the final cocktail must be slightly adjusted to the acidity of the fruit juice you will use. For deeper information on this, ask me. A professional Bartender will know what to do.

Back on the Martini glass cocktails, half fruit is usually the correct quantity for 1 glass. Half pomegranate, half pompelmousse originates around 100 ml pure fresh juice.

Therefore, 1 big fruit = 2 cocktails .

I am testing also Ginger. I have it fresh and in Bolero style.

Bolero is a great producer of sweeteners for sport. The number one. His ginger is very special, as it gives me similar effects of fresh one.

Fever Tree also produces a ginger beer, which is high quality. A guarantee of success for all your cocktails.

The other great fruits I use in my cocktails are blueberry, pineapple and coconut milk (Batida). Something also with peers and apricots. I will speak of this in a further article or will integrate this one.

Finally, prewokouts can be mixed either with sparkling water to create a long drink (200 ml) similar to spritz or with still water for the martini cocktail version. A natural sparkling water is always fine in both cases, as the bubbles naturally expire with contact with fresh juice. On the contrary, Ginger beer and tonic waters keep the bubbles effect for various minutes. The bubbles effect is ideal with long drinks.

Among tonic waters, I suggest an Indian bitter one, such as J.Gasco , without lemon flavour. The bitter base better exalts the sweetness of the chosen fruits. Lemon or lime can be always and easily added as separated drops, to make the difference. All the agrumated tonic waters (such as Schweppes) , give a specific lemon direction to the cocktail, therefore they are better with Coca Cola and traditional international recipes, where they have been approved already.

Special tonic waters are also Sanbitter dry and red, strongly flavoured. They can be used alone.

Disclaimer: These drinks are absolutely safe. The alcohol quantity is low (only some gin) and the energizing power is high, if compared with other famous international drinks. You can safely drink one or two, without compromising weight watching or digestion and mind. However, drink responsibly!

This article being very concentrated and technical, for experienced bartenders, please ask for more information if interested. Thank you.

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